Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mike DiRubbo, "Threshold"

There is perhaps a higher proportion of milquetoast players on the alto saxophone than on any other instrument in jazz. Mike DiRubbo is decidedly not one of them. Here is the latest release from his working quintet. My brief review is reposted below:
"Mike DiRubbo is one of the world’s foremost alto saxophonists, and this new release from his actively working band demonstrates why. Like his forebears Charlie Parker and Jackie McLean, DiRubbo plays the alto with tenor-like toughness, as well as an immediately recognizable sound and highly personal phrasing. In true modernist fashion, DiRubbo’s compositions and improvisations survey new harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic territory while simultaneously immersed in a knowledgeable and loving dialogue with the tradition of jazz, blues, and swing. Few contemporary recordings will match 'Threshold' for fierceness and authenticity of feeling."

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