Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alex LoRe Trio, "Dream House"

 "...a player playing in control, in complete control of all his faculties. There are no extraneous elements. It’s all energy going into the playing.”

Listening to Dream House, the debut recording from the Alex LoRe Trio, one is easily persuaded that the alto saxophonist fits Lee Konitz’s definition of “cool.” LoRe channels and transforms the sound of early Konitz, playing with a tremendous musicality that stands out in an era of saxophonists heavy on technique but light on taste. He is also an impressive songwriter: from the opening contrafact onward, key relations within and among the tunes imbue the album with a fascinating degree of compositional integration. Rival altoists have something big to reckon with.  

Dream House features bassist Desmond White, drummer Colin Stranahan, and tenor saxophonist Geoge Garzone. Buy it here: 



(By the way, LoRe has lately been playing on a Master Link 4**** mouthpiece. Alto players, get hip.) 

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