Friday, May 9, 2014

Who is a Jazz Musician?

"…a person is a jazz musician if accepted by other jazz musicians. Admittedly, this is fundamentally circular but does embody something of great importance: namely, that one of the characteristics of jazz has been that it is under the control of those who play it more than it is of agents, record companies, club owners, audiences. My guess---I underline 'guess'---is that this has been true since the ‘teens at least, perhaps even before. This may mean, by the way, that jazz is such a small segment of the market for music that it can be ignored as a major source of income by the music business.”

"From a genealogical standpoint, it becomes very clear to a knowledgable [sic] listener whose music has been informed by the Black tradition and whose hasn’t ... It’s very clear who is a master drummer in the tribe and who is not."

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