Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lee and Warne Duo Transcriptions

Below are two more transcriptions of improvised duos by Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh from the 1959 date at the Half Note. 

Notice the abundance of imitation in "My Melancholy Baby," particularly in bars 20-21 of the first chorus, bars 1-4 and 11-13 of the second chorus, and bars 17-19 of the third chorus. 

"It's You Or No One" exhibits imitative playing as well, for example in bars 16-21 of the second chorus. Indeed, Lee and Warne are so highly attuned to each other that they converge on an identical melody in bars 31-32! 

Also note the cross-rhythm that emerges in bars 16-21 of the second chorus of "It's You Or No One" as Warne and Lee each play 3:4 polyrhythms that are out of phase with each other by one beat. (Warne's polyrhythmic figure starts on beat 4 of bar 16, completing two full periods just as Lee's starts on beat 1 of bar 18.) Despite the rhythmic complexity, this passage shows rather harmonious 4-3-6-5 voice-leading.

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